Sunday, September 23, 2007

November 2007 Dream Team!

Hi all!

Just a quick little update on the Engeye trip this November. We have
some new people on board, who we are SO excited to welcome!

Here is a list of the Engeye dream team (The A Team) as it stands, and what
people are individually working on to prepare for the trip =) Feel
free to write to the group and introduce yourself!

1.) Neil - MD/PhD from Columbia: malaria project, treating patients, music!

2.) Daniel - MD/PhD from Columbia: malaria specialist (we are SO
excited to have your expertise, Daniel!) and treating patients

3.) Kenji - PhD in engineering from Caltech: Solar panel superstar!

4.) Ing - Masters from Clark: Public Health needs assessment
specialist. In addition to helping with the malaria project, Ing will
work on questionnaire(s) to truly get at the heart of what the people
need from us. If there is time, perhaps we could have focus groups to
do this, followed by brief educational sessions (HIV, malaria

5.) Janie - Masters from USC in epidemiology: If Janie can come, she
will be working hand-in-hand with Ing on similar projects =)

6.) Marc Freiman - 3rd year medical student from AMC: malaria project,
treating patients, music (guitar, baby!)

7.) Christy - Marine biology from SDSU: Helping Ing with needs
assessment focus groups and educational sessions. Also, she will be
bringing a camera to take hardcore footage for a future documentary.

8.) Venus - Engineering degree from Notre Dame: Venus will be
troubleshooting irrigation problems at Ddegeya village and working
closely with Kenji.

9.) Misty - MD/PhD from AMC: Swinging from chandeliers. Right. Ha.
Malaria project, treating patients, needs assessments, and hopefully
acting as an effective anti-coagulant to maintain the "flow" of it
all. We'll see!

10.) 5 Rwandan medical students who are 4th years at their medical
school: They will be treating patients and observing what we do. How

What a great team....the A team, baby!

If you haven't already, and are interested, please send me a lil blurb
about yourself, how you got involved with the clinic, and the specific
role you hope or do play. We are working on creating a lil booklet
for the 5 Rwandan students, as a "thank you" for helping us out during
the week. It would be cool to keep in touch with them as well, so
feel free to include your contact information.


May the visas trickle in.....

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